The Different Terms Related to Building Construction

Building construction is a broad term that includes both civil and military projects. In order to construct is the past tense verb: the action of constructing,and in some contexts the past participle is used: what has been built. The verb for building is also the imperative,which means “to build”. The verb construction “to construct” is used as the preposition between the two main verbs of the construction. This preposition can also be used between objects. To build a house,one would say “I want to build a house” and “I am going to build a house.” The infinitive is used to say I am going to; the infinitive is also used with pronouns to mean “it’s me”.
Most of us have heard of buildings such as buildings of houses or factories. Buildings are a necessary part of life. They provide places where people can live or work,where they go to school or church,where they store things for later use,where they go to relax,etc. Buildings have become an inseparable part of our lives. For this reason,it is imperative that we know all the terms that apply to the construction industry.
There are many terms related to construction that we commonly use everyday. The most commonly used term is structural. It refers to a building’s structural framework,which is made of wood,brick,stone,cement,aluminum,steel,etc. Some other commonly used terms are civil,electrical,etc. These terms include the different ways in which buildings function.